S. A. Harazin

young adult author

I have always loved to write. When I was twelve years old I bought a typewriter from Western Auto on credit. Yep, the manager gave me credit. I was babysitting all the time practically, and I had enough for a down payment. I began writing bad poetry and stories.

​I started working full time at the hospital when I was fourteen and discovered the electric typewriter in the admission’s office. I got permission to use it on nights when I was not working. I was in heaven. I made my own magazines. I spent my time working, going to school, and typing. I hated school, but I loved journalism class. I was on the "Buzette" staff.

I graduated from Haines City High School. I won't say when. Afterward I went to nursing school because 1) the hospital gave me a scholarship, and it wasn’t for writing lessons 2) my mother said I needed to learn something where I’d be able to support myself. 

I attended Ida V. Moffett Nursing School at Samford University in Birmingham, AL. I worked many years in a hospital--in CCU, ICU, ER, and outpatient surgery. I now live in Georgia. I have a great husband and three fantastic kids. 


1. One night while I was working in labor and delivery, a patient's baby was about to be born. The nurses were tied up in an emergency so I called the doctor. The baby came before he did. I "caught" it. I was fifteen years old. 
2. I once got stuck in a freight elevator at the hospital when I was taking a body to the morgue. By the way, things always seem to happen in threes in the hospital. To me. 

3. A man brought a brown bag to the ER one night. I did not hear him say there was a live snake inside. 

4. When I worked in home health care most of my patients lived in the projects. I once made a cake for one of my patients. His wife ate the whole thing and got sick. I never knew anybody who could eat a whole cake in thirty minutes. 

5. My most fun job was doing research for a cardiologist. I played video games with patients while monitoring their EKG and blood pressure. I am good at video games. I am not good at chasing snakes or making cakes. 


Feel free to CONTACT ME with any questions or comments. I am always happy to chat!


My three beautiful children, from left to right:
Andrew (youngest)



My wonderful husband, Tom

Our furry kids, Ellie (yellow lab) and

Pickles (pitt mix)

And our beloved Nibbles (beagle) who passed away in January 2012 from an autoimmune disease